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Marjorie is available to perform and to teach.  She will also help you design your own storytelling event.

Marjorie specializes in Mother Goose rhymes and stories and Aesop's Fables.  She also enjoys telling stories based on events in history such as the Oregon Trail, Great Lakes shipwrecks and lighthouses, and Biblical events.  She leads workshops and classes on storytelling (Workshop samples are available); is an excellent wandering Mother Goose character for festivals as well as a main event storyteller; and she enjoys sharing stories at children's events, adult events, and community programs.


"Marjorie Shaefer is a delight!  Her stories capture your imagination and carry you away.  She's a great addition to any family event."
Tracy Matodobra,Director, Wild Blueberry Festival, Paradise, Michigan

"Both youth and adults really enjoyed Marjorie's performance and workshop.  They were high quality."
The Rev. Joe Summers, Vicar, Church of the Incarnation, Pittsfield Township, Michigan

"100% Satisfied!"
Ms Dunham, fifth grade teacher, Bates Elementary School, Dexter, Michigan

Mission Statement

As a child, Marjorie Shaefer learned the art of storytelling from her tall-tale Texan grandfather.  She carries on the teaching and storytelling tradition she learned by leading workshops and retreats, performing at festivals and participating in community, church and school events.  Marjorie tells favorite familiar stories, such as Aesop's Fables and Mother Goose stories and rhymes, and authors her own historical stories to share.


As an experienced teacher of  children and adults,  I believe that storytelling is entertaining and a path to learning. I try to captivate the audience and bring them along on an unforgettable adventure.